Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome Baby Noah Benjamin Cole!!!

Noah Benjamin Cole!
First bath by Dad!
Proud Daddy!

Dr. Brown and tired Mommy!
Snuggle time!
"I love your baby Mom!"
Talking to angels!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where has the time gone? Update...

Oh my! Sorry for no updates or photos for the past few months, but Halloween does feel just like yesterday! Maybe I will get some time to post some pictures from the holidays and birthdays, but for now we are 10 days away from having the new little one join our family and I am no were close to being ready! My aunt and sister -in-law will be taking the boys on the 16th to the cabin, and they will not be back until after the baby!! So I might have a few days to rush and get things ready!
No, we don't know yet what we are having, but are very excited to finally find out! Timothy thinks it will be a boy and Wyatt thinks it will be a girl, although all the names he comes up with are boys! All I have come across thus far that I can see we need are burp cloths for some reason! I don't know why or how so many would disappear, but maybe some nice mothers got some very nice burp cloths from the DI without me knowing!
As you can tell we are still very busy, Timothy working full time, and school full time, but school will be ending soon and flying will take its place! I am still running Timber Specialties, and working my night job at Oakley School, as well as in November I started selling Miche Bags at home parties, which has been very fun! Wyatt is 5 now and still loving preschool, and playing with friends, and Luke is nearly 3 and can not wait for the baby! He lays on my tummy and quietly tells the baby he loves it!!
Well better be off I have 5 other things that I should be doing right now, so hopefully updates to come on the baby!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!!

The Friday before Halloween we went to visit Timothy at work, and see all of their fun things they had going on for Halloween! Timothy dressed up as Captain Jack and we saw Elmo!! Luke ran up and gave him (her) a big hug and thought he was the best!
He even tried tickling him a little and they played around for a while!
Then on Saturday we dressed up as Viking from How to Train You Dragon! Lots of fun!
My Aunt Tricia has a party every year so we went over to that and she was dressed up as the witch from Snow White!!
My cousins... Mike, Sara, and Brad otherwise known as Mario, the mushroom, and Luigi!!
Lots of food and games before the big Trick or Treat, and even a nap on Daddy's lap!
When the rain decided to stop we went out for some games in the backyard as well, my nephew made this witch head pinata to tear apart!!
Lots of candy inside, and there is Simon, from Alvin and the Chipmunks there helping to pick it up!!
Even Sara got some!!
My hansom STRONG Viking!
Dr. Jensen!
Thanks Tricia for another fun Halloween!

THE Wedding Of THE YEAR!!

Nick and Amber got married on the 1st of October, and we got asked to make the cake!
Lots of fun, but lots of work! I made the inside and Timothy did the hard part of the outside, but he did and awesome job!
Here is the finished cake, very nice!
The cake topper! I was able to find this one online and have the hair colors custom for them, but we thought it fit because they both love to fish!
Wyatt and Luke were very handsome ring bearers!!
Dad got to walk both mothers down the isle!!
Timothy also got to walk Amber's 2 sisters down the isle, but unfortunately we don't have a picture of that, but he had a pretty cheesy grin with 2 women on his arms!
Amber's Dad walked her down the isle, she looks so pretty!
Nick and Amber were married by a bishop that was actually a Chaplin in the army and served in the same place they are at now! They read their vowes to each other, and it was very nice!
All of the nieces and nephews with Uncle Nick!
Cutting of the cake, made a little mess!!
In the end there was lots of food and dancing and the little ones even got in on it!
CONGRATULATIONS Nick and Amber, we are so happy for you and wish you all the best!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4th of July 2010!!

For the 4th of July we hit the Oakley Rodeo and then headed to the cabin the next morning!
We fed the fish several times!
I was worried the fish might end up eating some boys, but we kept them out of the water!
Most of the cousins having some fun on our walks!
Luke thought it was fun that there was a tree shorter than him!
We tried some new fishing spots, but no luck!
We had watermelon in the park, and Wyatt got attacked by a big animal dad!!
But the boys had the best time with their cousins!

Summer 2010

This has been a fun and busy summer! The last weekend of August we had a party with my brother Ben and his boys and my sister Tammy and her family at Pineview! Luke thought it was way fun to fish with Uncle Ben!
Tim was the awesome uncle who played in the water the whole time with the kids!
In the middle of August we got to go up to the cabin for a week! We went to the fire hole on the last day to play in the water... it was pretty warm and we had lots of fun, but Luke is so small he tends to get cold fast, so this is him warming up!
Dad and Wyatt swimming away!
We ventured over to Lewis and Clark Caverns to see the cave, Wyatt and Luke loved it!
We picked Huckleberries and made ice cream!
Went for plenty of walks!
Tim's Mom and Dave were able to come up for a few days, and we had lots of fun with them!
We even went down the river and fished a few times! Dave was the big fisherman on this trip catching a 19" trout! It tasted yummy!
We went to Page for the 24th of July and got to see Amber, Nick's fiance, get baptized!
We spent a day at the beach and cooled off from the heat!
Luke made his own lake!
The week before that we took the boys up in the mountains to get away from the heat and have a picnic and fish!
Luke was the big fisherman on his new pole!
We had a great summer and loved spending so much time with family! Now we are waiting on the new addition to our family in February!!